Family Support Services includes many important programs including our Family Resource Center, Homeless Support Program, Health Services, Restorative Practices, Counseling and more.

Family Resource Center

The FRC is a family support center that links school families with local resources and human services addressing the needs of the whole child in order to promote student success. All families are welcome.

The FRC is a safe place where families can access information and available services including:

  • Basic needs such as food, clothing, and housing
  • Child academic and behavioral support
  • Medical and mental health
  • Special needs and disability
  • Financial and legal assistance
  • Educational and employment opportunities
  • Emergency assistance
  • Bellingham Public School provided resources and educational processes
Contact Information
(360) 676-6470, ext. 5851
Carl Cozier Elementary School, 1330 Lincoln Street, Portable A

Monday to Thursday, 1 to 5 p.m.

Program information, qualification, and services for families/students experiencing homelessness. Links to national, state and local resources.


Health Services

School nurses are specialized professionals who provide knowledgeable insight into acute and chronic health conditions, and normal growth and development.